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The Ishinomaki area, located in the plains east of Sendai, is known as the granary of rice farming. Consisting of Ishinomaki city, Higashi Matsushima city and Onagawa town, it is located in the northeastern part of Miyagi prefecture and is 10% of its size and population.

The eastern part of the Ishinomaki area features a coastal inlet connecting to the Pacific Ocean, and its south-western part adjoins Sendai bay. The northwestern part is comprised of hillocks. The Kitakami and Naruse rivers both run from the south to the east and feed alluvial plains ideal to make productive rice fields. The area has an oceanic climate in winter and the temperatures are rarely extreme, compare to the inland areas. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy its warm and mild weather with less snow.

The so-called Ishinomaki Golden Japanese beef cattle feed on plenty of paddy straw which is locally produced. The highest beef grade they produce is classified as BS11 and BS12, and is called ISHINOMAKI GYUSHOU GOLDEN WAGYU.

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Black-haired Japanese beef cattle

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