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The scenery of the Sanriku coast from Iwate prefecture to Miyagi prefecture has been appreciated for ages. There is a special distinctive sense of the seasons in the Tohoku area, given by things like Yamase, a seasonal wind which still blows since the days of old. The Sanriku Kinka Japanese beef is produced from beef cattle benefiting from this natural environment, and plenty of love.

Our products are distinguished by their savory fatty taste, which gives the marbled red beef a mild and smooth texture.

You can enjoy Sanriku Kinka Japanese beef in barbecues, sukiyaki, or steamed with seasonal vegetables as part of full courses offered in restaurants under our direct management in Kokubun-cho, Sendai city.

Promotional items

  • Stickers 30mm×40mm
  • Small banners 300mm×100mm
  • Small banners Eng.ver 300mm×100mm
  • A2 Posters
  • A2 Posters Eng.ver


Black-haired Japanese beef cattle

Production areas

Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture

Certificate of registration Registration number 1331294
China,United States of America,Viet Nam

Trademark registration Registration number 5073695

Yearly number of heads shipped: 600

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