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Graded by the very thorough Japanese Meat Grading Association, we sell Japanese beef called “DATE NO SHINOBI”, produced from crossbreed beef cattle, which grades above NO 6 on a 4 level scale of marbling.

The origin of the brand name lies in the character “shinobi”, which can also be read as the “nin” of ninja. It is said that Date Masamune, who was the feudal Lord of Michinoku (modern-day Northeastern Japan) during the Sengoku period, created a kind of secret group litteraly called “The Black Hats”, now famously known as ninjas. Hence “DATE NO SHINOBI”, which literally means “Date’s Ninjas”.

Promotional items

  • Stickers 30mm×40mm
  • Small banners 300mm×100mm
  • A2 Posters
  • A2 Posters Eng.ver

Production areas

Miyagi prefecture

Trademark registration

Registration number 5531906
Yearly number of heads shipped: 200

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