For inquiries about fattening, production control,
process and sales for brand beef such as Kinka Japanese beef
and Matsushima Japanese beef, please contact us.


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[Hours:10am–17pm] +81-225-98-8829

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Our cattle are fed with an original mix of seven grains, namely corn, barley, wheat, soy bean, rye, milo and oat, which abides by Ushichan Farms’ high quality standards. The beef they produce displays a distinctive and prefect balance of meat and fat, and is shipped under the brand name「NANAGYU」.

Promotional items

  • Stickers 30mm×40mm
  • Small banners 300mm×100mm
  • A2 Posters
  • A2 Posters Eng.ver


Domestic crossbreeding

Production areas

Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture

Trademark registration

Registration number 5265791
Yearly number of heads shipped: 250

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