For inquiries about fattening, production control,
process and sales for brand beef such as Kinka Japanese beef
and Matsushima Japanese beef, please contact us.


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Telephone inquiries
[Hours:10am–17pm] +81-225-98-8829

About us

Greetings from the CEO

Mr. Kaichi Sato CEO /
Sales, Purchases and Management division

It has been over three decades since we started working in the agriculture and livestock industry. Our domestic agriculture and livestock supply chain, and our production facility system have been renovated. Since consumers’ interest in food products is growing day by day, we pledge ourselves to disclose information thoroughly and to reflect your voices in our management.

We believe that peace of mind implies full disclosure, and that safety can only be achieved through meticulous hygiene control. Those are our first priorities. To achieve this, we have elected not to depend on imported grains, by using paddy straw and dried grass obtained through domestic supply from our business partners, and grains produced on our own farm to feed our cattle.

We promise to keep providing safe and trustworthy meat by answering your wishes. Thank you for supporting the further development of our business.

Mission statement

  • We create a cheerful and delightful workplace.
  • We insure long-lasting peace of mind and safety for our customers.
  • We foster the creation of soil, the enrichment of farmland and the training of workers rooted in their local communities.

Management philosophy

Peace of mind and safety Peace of mind comes from information disclosure, and safety from thorough hygiene control.
Our Gratitude We feel and appreciate the nature which nurtures us. We tackle our work daily being grateful towards nature, and thinking of what we can do for it.
Our Passion We pursue beauty and elegance in agriculture and generate enthusiasm for our consumers through our agricultural and livestock management.
Our Expertise We establish our goals and consider how we can achieve them. Our skilled expertise can overcome any obstacle and difficulty, and generate enthusiasm for everybody.
Our Heart Our heart is delightful, honest, thoughtful, grateful and modest.

Company Outline

Our name USHICHAN FARM Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Sue Tatamiishi Mae 1-11, Ishinomaki, Miyagi, 987-1221 Japan
Tel +81-225-98-8829 / Fax +81-225-98-8929
Representative Kaichi Sato
Foundation April 1970
Establishment March 2005
Capital 10 million yen
Business description We raise black-haired Japanese beef cattle
We sell black-haired Japanese beef
We produce and sell compost
We produce and sell sawdust
We produce our own cattle feed such as TMR.
We collect locally produced paddy straw
We sell processed meat
We sell gardening supplies
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