For inquiries about fattening, production control,
process and sales for brand beef such as Kinka Japanese beef
and Matsushima Japanese beef, please contact us.


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Telephone inquiries
[Hours:10am–17pm] +81-225-98-8829

Our initiatives

Expert standards

We at Ushichan Farm bestow Japanese Beef Master Certificates upon our employees who pass our in-house evaluation. This makes the quality of our products consistent and motivates our staff.

We tackle to educate farmers in terms of safety in order to deliver safe and trustworthy beef to our customers.

  • Enabling one-man cattle-raising
  • Business management made possible
  • Over five years of experience
  • Ascertaining proper cattle maturity for shipping
  • Understanding and discussing the lineage of more than 50 breeds of Japanese beef cattle
  • Understanding the cattle’s feelings
  • All the work is done safely with the proper agricultural machinery licenses.

Thanks to our experts, we can expand the range of our beef from middle-end to high-end products.

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Our initiatives

We at Ushichan Farm provide the most suitable beef for you.

  • What kind of special beef product would you like us to develop?
  • How can we provide products different from our competitors’?

For a long time, Japanese beef has been prepared in a variety of ways such as grilled, boiled, or roasted, depending on the era, climate, and area.

What kind of beef is desirable in the current market?

We provide not only high quality beef, but also what our customers desire.
Together with our customers, we keep considering proposals which will maximize our Japanese beef’s potential.

Our Farm's History

Our logo features a diamond in the rough.


We named ourselves Ushichan Farm (ushi means cow, and chan is a very common suffix for someone or something familiar) because it is very easy to remember for everybody, from young children to adults. We want to deliver products with a good story to the consumers.

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